Scopri la Città Arte e Storia a Castelfranco Veneto

Castelfranco Veneto City of Art

This platform is the official guide to discover Castelfranco Veneto, a precious town, rich of history, art and nature.Visit our town centre to discover its peculiarity: the Castello, the medieval walls that surround it. Walking through its streets, you can admire important squares, wonderful frescoes on the façades of the palaces, churches and antiques cloisters.Castelfranco Veneto is known as the birthplace of Giorgione, the famous painter. Two of his works are preserved here: the Pala (altarpiece), located in the Cathedral, and the Fregio (frieze), painted in Casa Marta-Pellizzari, the current Museum of Giorgione.

Do not miss the opportunity to visit architectural masterpieces, as the Duomo (Cathedral) and its wonderful paintings preserved in the chapels and in the Sacristy, and the Teatro Accademico (Academic Theatre), both buildings built by the architect Francesco Maria Preti. Close to the city wall, you can visit the breathtaking Villa Revedin-Bolasco and its nineteenth-century garden.

Take the chance to experience the surroundings, stopping at amazing Villas (Villa Corner Tiepolo – Chiminelli, S. Andrea oltre il Muson; Villa Emo, Fanzolo di Vedelago; Villa Corner, Cavasagra); places of devotion (Birth Home of S. Pio X and Shrine of the Cendrole, Riese Pio X; Shrine of Caravaggio, Fanzolo di Vedelago); interesting natural places (spring of Sile river, Casacorba di Vedelago); and archeological sites (Motte, Castello di Godego).

Get in touch with the gastronomic culture of Castelfranco, tasting its Radicchio Variegato: the typical chicory called the “eatable flower”, because of its beautiful shape and colours that make it pretty as a flower.

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